Makers of Fresh, All Natural Bruschetta and 0 trans fat Scampi Sauce and Garlic Butter Blend.

All Natural and Non-GMO!

Our Products

Our Products

Scampi Sauce for Shrimp, Seafood, and More…

Zantonio Scampi Sauce is a hand crafted, versatile cooking blend made with Real Butter, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil. Parmesan Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes.

Not just for seafood, this truly gourmet cooking ingredient has hundreds of applications.

Scampi Sauce Ideas

Fresh Bruschetta

Zantonio Brands Fresh Bruschetta is the Perfect Blend of Ripe Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil, Pure Olive Oil and Spices. Zantonio Bruschetta has always been and will always be all natural, gluten free and made with no added preservatives or sugar.

Bruschetta Ideas